Giorgos Nearchou – Architect, Passivhaus designer & nZEB Designer

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Giorgos Nearchou is an Architect who has been practicing in this domain since 2013. Also, he is an nZEB Designer since 2016 and a Passivhaus Designer since 2017. He is a member of ETEK, CAA and POEEM.

Giorgos obtained his Masters of Architecture (RIBA II) from Oxford Brookes University, UK. Before that, he has completed a Masters of Science in Digital Architecture at the University of Newcastle as well as a Bachelors of Arts in Architecture (RIBA I) from Oxford Brookes University, UK.

Giorgos is a member of ETEK (Technical Chamber of Cyprus) since 2014. (A160389)

Professional certificates

Academic qualifications


  • Health and Safety coordinators for construction sites – EDITC
  • Passive House complete course – Hellenic Institute of Passivhaus
  • Passive House Basics – Hellenic Institute of Passivhaus
  • Lighting – Design for energy saving (Cyprus Energy Agency)
  • International Business Development & Promotion for services Companies               (CIIM – Lefkosia,Cyprus)
  • Strategic Planning for Small Enterprises (CIIM – Lefkosia,Cyprus)
  • Promoting Traditional Architecture – Methodologies and aesthetic trends (Ministry of Education & Culture)
  • Sustainable structures and materials (ZENCODE seminars center)
  • New engineers, start up firms (business model canvas) (ETEK)
  • Construction & techniques for Drywalls (Sakret Zeipekkis educational center – KNAUF)
  • Eulogy for the pavilion – Korean Landscape Architecture(Neapolis University Paphos)
  • Green Technologies for Engineers: Energy management & renewable energy sources (ΔΥΑΚ)

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