Frequently Asked Questions


+ What documents should I bring on our first meeting?

The only thing you should bring is the title deeds of the plot you are planning to build in. Any other documents/drawings/maps will be taken care by us once we start the project.


+ How long does it take for a house to be designed, grant permissions and built?

The complete process for a typical house of 200m2~300m2 in an approved plot of land would usually take 16-18 months. read more


+ What Consultants do I need for my project?

For a typical house of 200m2~300m2 you will need consultation by: 1.Architect, 2.Civil Engineer, 3.Mechanical Engineer, 4.Electrical Engineer, 5.Land Serveyor.


+ What permissions do I need to begin the construction of my project?

For a typical house of 200m2~300m2 you will need: 1.Planning Permission, 2.Building Permission.


+ Would you do projects that are not in your city?

Of course we would. We can offer our services anywhere throughout Cyprus.


+ I do not know any contractors, engineers, serveyors etc., could you appoint someone for me?

We prefer to suggest/introduce professionals to you, and you may appoint them directly if you are satisfied with their services/charges.



+ Am I eligible for reduced VAT charges?

Yes you are, if that is your first project you are applying for reduced VAT charges and if it is smaller than 275m2. read more


If you have any further questions you may ask George via email |  nearchou.g@sanestudiocy.com