Andy & Kuriakos residence in Latsia, Nicosia

luxury villa nicosia cyprus architect savva & nearchou


Architect | Giorgos Nearchou & Antia Perikleous

Civil Engineer | Andreas N. Savva

Interior Design | Giorgos Nearchou & Antia Perikleous

Mechanical Engineer | Costas Petrides

Electrical Engineer | Petros Petrou

The residence is located in Nicosia and serves as an example of modern architecture that adapts to the local context, incorporating traditional principles of bioclimatic design. With a clear philosophy for architecture and design principles, the study manages to stand out, focusing on functionality and a sense of comfort in the spaces. The residence operates with bioclimatic features, primarily using passive design systems.

luxury villa nicosia cyprus architect savva & nearchou

The building has a total area of 330 m2 and covers 174 m2 of the 830 m2 plot. The remaining 500 m2 are used for the garden, swimming pool, and barbecue area. The volumes of the parking space, ground floor, and upper floor, which make up the geometry of the building, are distinct from the facade.

luxury villa nicosia cyprus architect savva & nearchou

The ground floor consists of an open-plan living area with a kitchen and a living room that extends in depth when the glass doors open towards the garden and pool, merging with the outdoor space. The space exudes a sense of comfort, housing the main living room, which is double-height, and right across from it, there is a room hosting the marble dining table, and next to it is the owner’s office. On the upper floor, there are the main bedroom of the owners with a dressing room and an en-suite bathroom, as well as the three bedrooms for their children.

luxury villa nicosia cyprus architect savva & nearchou

The space creates a tranquil atmosphere thanks to the earthy tones of the building and furnishings. Visible concrete and wood are used in various areas, both indoors and outdoors, creating a contrast with the white plastered surfaces. With simple gestures, the architects have created pleasant living conditions in truly unique spaces. Furthermore, elements of interior and exterior space configuration, such as the kitchen, library, fireplace, fixed lighting, and all outdoor structures, were designed by the architects as integral parts of a unified architectural composition.

luxury villa nicosia cyprus architect savva & nearchou
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