Elena & Marios residence – Ypsonas

limassol architecture lemesos architect ypsonas house


Architect | Antia Perikleous, & Giorgos Nearchou 

Civil engineer | ASD Sotiriou

Interior Design | Giorgos Nearchou & Antia Perikleous

ypsonas architecture limassol house

Introducing a new residence perched on the cliffs of Ypsonas in Limassol, this exceptional property offers an unrivaled living experience. Boasting a mesmerizing panoramic view of the Limassol port and city.

Upon entering, you are immediately greeted by an expansive lobby that sets the tone for what lies beyond. To the left, a staircase leads you up to a mezzanine level, where a cozy and well-appointed office awaits, perfect for the family’s profession.

This architecturally stunning residence is thoughtfully designed with split levels that create an intriguing and dynamic living space. The lower level from the lobby reveals a modern kitchen and a spacious dining area, ideal for gatherings and culinary exploration. A mere two steps down from here, the large living area unfolds, featuring large windows that frame the mesmerizing view of the Limassol city. These windows offer a constant connection to the surrounding landscape.

The first floor of the residence is dedicated to family comfort. Two well-appointed bedrooms are set on this level, sharing a tastefully designed bathroom. Perfectly suited for the younger members of the family, these bedrooms offer privacy and style. Additionally, a master bedroom features an en-suite bathroom and a walk-in closet. This is a sanctuary for the heads of the household, providing the perfect blend of space and luxury.

With its prime location on the cliffs of Ypsonas, this residence offers not just a home, but a lifestyle that celebrates the beauty and grandeur of Limassol. The captivating view of the city, the elegant split-level design, and the meticulous attention to detail throughout make this property a remarkable living environment. It’s an opportunity to embrace a life of sophistication and comfort, surrounded by natural beauty and modern design.