• site analysis
  • initial drafting
  • project design
  • architectural & construction drawings
  • architectural visualization (3D)
  • Physical model (scale 1:20 – scale 1:50 – scale 1:100)
  • sun path analysis (solar study video)
  • materiality sampling
  • architectural representation
  • preparation of applications (permissions, VAT, etc.)
  • documentation for tendering action
  • tendering analysis & evaluation
  • supervision

At Savva & Nearchou studio LLC, we believe that architecture is the embodiment of art and science, where form meets function in perfect harmony. Our team of visionary architects is dedicated to creating spaces that transcend the ordinary, celebrating the poetry of design, and delivering architectural excellence that leaves a lasting impression.

Our Architectural Services Embrace:

  1. Conceptual Masterpieces: Our architects possess an unwavering commitment to conceptual brilliance. We craft designs that tell compelling stories, capturing the essence of your vision while seamlessly integrating with the environment, culture, and history of the site.
  2. Innovative Design: We pride ourselves on pushing the boundaries of innovation. Our architects are adept at embracing cutting-edge technologies, sustainable practices, and contemporary aesthetics to create timeless architectural wonders.
  3. Residential Serenity: For private residences, our architects infuse luxury, comfort, and sophistication into every detail. We design bespoke homes that reflect your unique personality and aspirations, creating spaces of serenity and refinement.
  4. Commercial Elegance: In the realm of commercial architecture, we redefine corporate environments with elegance and functionality. Our architects design workplaces that inspire creativity, productivity, and collaboration, setting the stage for success.
  5. Cultural and Civic Icons: We approach cultural and civic projects with reverence. Our architects have a deep appreciation for the cultural significance of public spaces, museums, and institutions. We design iconic structures that become pillars of the community.
  6. Sustainable Pioneering: Environmental stewardship is at the heart of our architectural philosophy. We incorporate sustainable design principles, energy efficiency, and environmentally responsible materials into every project, contributing to a greener, more sustainable future.
  7. Historical Preservation: Our expertise extends to historical preservation and adaptive reuse. We honor the past by breathing new life into historic structures, respecting their heritage while enhancing their functionality for the modern world.
  8. Collaboration and Vision: Collaboration is the cornerstone of our architectural process. We work closely with clients, engineers, and builders to translate your dreams into tangible structures. Your vision is our blueprint.

At Savva & Nearchou studio LLC, we approach architecture as a profound art form. We strive to create spaces that evoke emotion, inspire creativity, and leave a lasting legacy. With a commitment to unparalleled design, a reverence for the past, and an eye on the future, we are ready to embark on the journey of transforming your architectural dreams into reality.

Contact us today to discuss your architectural aspirations, and let us be your trusted partner in crafting architectural masterpieces that stand as testaments to beauty and ingenuity.

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