Interior Design

  • interior design
  • interior visualization (3D)
  • Physical model (scale 1:50 – scale 1:20 – scale 1:10)
  • assistance for selection of furniture/materials
  • supervision

At Savva & Nearchou studio LLC, we are more than just an interior design consultancy; we are a harmonious blend of architects, engineers, and designers driven by a passion for creating spaces that resonate with contemporary elegance and practicality. Our approach is progressive, our ideas innovative, and our solutions tailored to your unique needs.

Our philosophy: Designing for Tomorrow

We believe in designing spaces that are not just beautiful but smart and sustainable. Our team stays ahead of the curve, ensuring that every design reflects the latest trends while prioritizing functionality, comfort, and environmental consciousness.

Our Services: Crafting Your Dream Space

Our range of services encompasses everything from residential to commercial design, offering:

-Bespoke Residential Design: 

Transforming houses into homes that reflect your personality and lifestyle.
– Innovative Commercial Spaces:

From offices to retail spaces, we create environments that enhance productivity and customer experience.
– Sustainable Solutions: Integrating green practices to ensure that your space is as eco-friendly as it is stylish.

Our Process: Collaborative, Transparent, and Client-Centric

1. Discovery: Understanding your vision, requirements, and the essence of the space.
2. Design Development: Our team crafts a conceptual design, ensuring every element aligns with your vision.
3. Implementation: From sourcing materials to overseeing construction, we manage every detail.
4. Final Touches: Ensuring perfection in every corner, ready for you to enjoy your new space.

Why Choose Us?
– Expert Team: A dynamic mix of experienced architects, innovative designers, and skilled engineers.
– Customized Solutions: Tailored designs that perfectly fit your space, style, and budget.
– Commitment to Excellence: A proven track record of delivering high-quality, creative, and timely solutions.

At Savva & Nearchou studio LLC, we do not just design spaces; we create environments that inspire, function, and endure. Let us shape the future of your space together. Contact us to begin your journey to a remarkable interior space.